Play Services Complexity

I was recently tasked with constructing an Android API that followed the design tenets of Google Play Services in form and function. Many who have discovered this API for the first time after using the Android framework for a while often have with a similar feeling — it feels like an overly complex surface area.

Platform Apps in Android Studio

Even with all the current and upcoming changes in the Android compiler toolchains and build systems used for both applications and the platform, one common issue continues to come up amongst Android platform developer community: What is the best way to develop platform applications given the current state of the tools?

Android Inside…Well…Everything!

You don’t have to dig too deep into the tech press today to hear the buzz phrase “The Internet of Things” thrown around.

The term is meant to describe how all of the technology in our lives, not just the computers on our desks and in our pockets, will eventually be connected together through embedded computing. Not surprisingly, mobile computing has risen to be one of the key players surrounding this movement. The sheer scale of this industry has created both hardware and software conditions enabling unprecedented access to powerful hardware in low quantity for a price that barely warrants consideration.